Trump Brutally Mocks DeSantis Over Lack of Endorsements From Florida Lawmakers

Ron DeSantis needed to go somewhere after his two terms as Florida Governor were up. And he seemingly thought that he belonged in the White House. In order to get that job, though, DeSantis would have had to take out Donald Trump. 

Many within the GOP felt that DeSantis could have been a worthy competitor to Trump, but voters sure didn't. The Florida Governor even had trouble getting Republicans from his own state to back his bid for the Presidency. 

Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, the two Republican senators in the state of Florida, both announced that they would be supporting Trump. Rubio wrote on X recently, "I support Trump because that kind of leadership is the ONLY way we will get the extraordinary actions needed to fix the disaster Biden has created. It’s time to get on with the work of beating Biden & saving America!"

Trump was giddy over his support from the two Republicans. And he couldn't wait to rub their support into DeSantis' face. He posted a message on Truth Social that read:

"Thank you to Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott of Florida for the great Endorsements. Nice when both highly respected Republican Florida Senators ENDORSE TRUMP over the missing from Florida Republican Governor, Ron DeSanctimonious! They know something that others don’t."