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Trump Breaks His Twitter Silence, Claims Comey’s Testimony ‘Vindicated’ Him

Trump Breaks His Twitter Silence, Claims Comey’s Testimony ‘Vindicated’ Him

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump broke his Twitter silence on Friday morning, the day after former FBI Director James Comey testified at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. The president was strangely quiet on Thursday, choosing to let his surrogates respond to Comey’s testimony.

But apparently, President Trump’s itchy Twitter fingers could only hold out for so long. Early Friday morning, the president wrote:


Trump’s first comment post-Comey hearing came as his personal lawyer prepared to file a “complaint” over Comey’s testimony. At the heart of the complaint is the admission by Comey he allowed a close friend to leak his memos involving talks with President Trump.

The president’s response tracks with Republican talking points about the Comey hearing. The Republican National Committee and the White House both emphasized parts of Comey’s testimony, while completely dismissing others.

The most emphasized portion for conservatives involved Comey’s statement that, while he was with the FBI, President Trump was never an explicit subject of the Russia investigation. Of course, they completely ignored the parts of Comey’s testimony which were damaging to the president.

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Comey testified under oath Trump urged him to drop the probe into Michael Flynn. The former FBI director added Trump’s interactions led him to caution his Justice Department colleagues to be careful. We assume these are the “false statements and lies” Trump tweeted about.

Or the president could be referring to Comey’s reason for taking detailed notes in the first place. The former FBI director chose to write his memos out of a fear Trump would lie about their interactions. In effect, Friday’s presidential tweet accuses James Comey of perjury. The former FBI director was under oath during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Trump’s tweet comes after the president’s personal lawyer and his senior aides urged him to stay cool and lie low regarding the hearing. It appears their urging only lasts so long…

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