Trump Breaks Out the Can't Be Racist Because of Black Friends Talking Point

Some recent polling show that Donald Trump has made strides with Black voters, specifically males. Trump only won 12% of the African American vote in 2020, but feels that he could do much better in the looming 2024 race. 

Of course, Trump has a long and storied history of racism. From taking out ads calling for members of the Central Park 5 to be put to death, to claiming that Barack Obama wasn't an American citizen, the former President has had trouble hiding his disdain for African Americans. 

Still, in a recent interview with Semafor’s Kadia Goba, the Republican candidate said that he has so many Black friends so he can be racist. 

Trump told Goba, "They see what I’ve done and they see strength, they want strength, okay. They want strength, they want security. They want jobs, they want to have their jobs. They don’t want to have millions of people come and take their jobs. And we — that’s what’s happening. These people that are coming into our country are taking jobs away from African Americans and they know it."

Trump continued, "I have so many Black friends that if I were a racist, they wouldn’t be friends, they would know better than anybody, and fast. They would not be with me for two minutes if they thought I was racist — and I’m not racist!"