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Trump Shares Dubious Border Wall Poll That Ignores Vast Majority Of Americans

Trump Shares Dubious Border Wall Poll That Ignores Vast Majority Of Americans

President Donald Trump on Sunday morning sent out a tweet citing a poll that gave him rave reviews on the subject of building a border wall.

There’s just one problem with the poll: The demographic cited in the poll represents less than 7 percent of the U.S. population.

Trump logged into his account and produced the poll that looked into veterans’ views of the president and some of his ideas, according to reporting from the Associated Press. Among the policies, the poll asked about was the proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico that Trump is pushing for.

“Veterans on President Trump’s handling of Border Security – 62% Approval Rating. On being a strong leader – 59%. AP Poll. Thank you!” Trump wrote in his tweet.


The numbers Trump cited were accurate, to be sure, but they also leave out a significant portion of Americans. Veterans as a group represent about 20.4 million of the nation’s citizenry, according to research from Pew. The total population of the United States is about 325 million as of 2018. Using those numbers, veterans account for about 6.3 percent of the country as a whole.

When looked at from the perspective of how the nation-at-large feels about the matter of building a border wall, poll after poll demonstrates that it’s not an issue Americans generally support. And the polls also show that a vast majority don’t like the president using a government shutdown to get his way.

According to polling from Reuters/Ipsos, just 35 percent of Americans said they supported the idea of funding a $5 billion project for extending a wall on the southern U.S. border. An even smaller number — just 25 percent of citizens — said that they backed Trump’s use of the shutdown to force Congress to allocate the funding.

Trump seems only willing to tweet out dubious polls, such as those that give him high marks while others are generally showing he’s in negative territory on the issue of his approval rating. It seems that, regarding his proposed border wall, he’s doing the exact same thing.

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