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Trump Boosts Possibility Of Declaring Dominion Voting Systems A National Security Threat

Trump Boosts Possibility Of Declaring Dominion Voting Systems A National Security Threat

Donald Trump says it would be interesting to declare Dominion Voting a national security threat

Donald Trump did not win the 2020 election. There was no widespread election fraud. Dominion Voting Systems is not a foreign entity nor held by unknown shadowy figures. Trump’s continued legal challenges are pure disinformation, sowing distrust in the election process. Now, he’s again attacking Dominion, hinting that he could declare the company a national security threat.

Right-wing activist Mike Coudrey first floated the idea on Twitter, calling Dominion and Smartmatic — two companies that manufacture the machines used for voting and tabulating ballots — “foreign companies” and accusing them of “control[ling] our elections,” and asking Trump to issue an executive order that would prevent them from doing business in the U.S., and declare them a national security threat.


(Smartmatic was founded in Florida, and Dominion has U.S. headquarters in Colorado. Both of these are in the United States.)

Dilbert creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams caught Trump’s attention retweeting this and agreeing that attacking the voting machine manufacturers “under a national security umbrella” would be the necessary way forward.

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Trump, who turned a Georgia event this weekend that was supposed to be a rally for Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue into a gripe-fest over his loss, and continues to falsely claim that he won the election, then boosted the idea, calling it “interesting.”


Trump and his associates’ lies about the election have resulted in threats to poll workers and elected officials, but he continues to point fingers of blame at anyone available. It’s not clear whether he’ll actually attempt to move forward with a legislative attack on two companies that market election technology, but his rhetoric continues to be dangerous.

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