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Trump: Bob Woodward Should Have Warned The Public About My COVID-19 Lies Sooner

Trump: Bob Woodward Should Have Warned The Public About My COVID-19 Lies Sooner

Donald Trump blames Bob Woodward for not exposing lies

Donald Trump is being ridiculed on social media Thursday morning after a tweet that is being read as placing blame on Bob Woodward for not warning the public sooner that the president was lying about the impact of COVID-19.

Donald Trump blames Bob Woodward for not exposing lies
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Bob Woodward, journalist and author, is releasing a new book about Donald Trump. Along with it, a recording has been released of one conversation with the president. In this, Trump admits he’s been lying to the public about how severe the pandemic is. CNN released the recording Wednesday.

It goes through air, Bob…you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed…It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus…This is more deadly. This is five percent, versus one percent or less…This is deadly stuff.

Meanwhile, Trump continued telling the public that the virus would go away on its own, and that it was safe for kids to go back to school.

When the recording was released, Trump admitted the lies, and claimed they were intended to reduce panic.

However, when the response didn’t die down quickly, Trump turned to blaming the messenger. Tweeting Thursday morning, he declared that if his lies were so deadly and dangerous, Bob Woodward should have released the tapes exposing them months ago.


Woodward has already explained his decision to hold back the tapes, telling the Washington Post that there were two problems with releasing the recordings in early days. First, he couldn’t yet determine where Trump’s information came from — he only learned later that it came from a high-level intelligence briefing. Second, and perhaps most important: he couldn’t be sure whether Trump was lying to him.

The biggest problem I had, which is always a problem with Trump, is I didn’t know if it was true.

Trump’s attempt to pass the buck is being called out by everyone.


While keeping this information to himself, Donald Trump returned to his practice of holding massive rallies, where his fans rarely wear a mask and where social distancing is discouraged. He had more of these planned for this week. He mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask. There’s no sign that the public is willing to accept him passing the blame to Bob Woodward for not exposing the lies sooner.

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