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Trump Blatantly Lies About Non-Existent Middle Class Tax Cuts Ahead Of Mid-Term Elections

Trump Blatantly Lies About Non-Existent Middle Class Tax Cuts Ahead Of Mid-Term Elections

As Republican candidates have campaigned around the country, they’ve realized that last December’s tax cuts have not resonated with their voters. While upper class voters may have seen a benefit, the benefit to middle class voters has been suspect.

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This message has clearly gotten back to President Donald Trump who told the media that there will be a middle-class tax cut put into effect by November 1st, right before the midterm elections.

Trump told reporters, “We’re going to put in — we’re giving a middle income tax reduction of about 10 percent. We’re doing it now for middle-income people. This is not for business; this is for the middle. That’s on top of the tax decrease we’ve already given them.”

Reporters were immediately skeptical. While Trump claimed that the GOP was working around the clock, Congress isn’t currently in session. That would make a vote by November 1st quite improbable.

Congressional members were also befuddled by Trump’s comments. According to Politico, “Aides were left wondering what Trump had read in newspaper clippings, or seen on Twitter, to inspire this grand promise from his rally podium.”

Even if Republicans were serious about a sizable tax cut for the middle-class, they would most likely have trouble finding a way to pay for it. It is estimated that the December tax cuts have already added $1 trillion to the U.S. deficit.

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Republicans have scrambled to find a reason for the deficit other than the upper-class tax cut. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently stated that that the house may soon have to look at cuts to popular entitlement programs.

Despite the pushback, Trump continued to discuss the tax cuts at last night’s rally in Texas. He told the crowd, “We are going to be putting in a ten percent tax cut for middle-income families. It’s going to be put in next week. Ten percent tax cut.”

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