Trump Blasts NC Governor For COVID-19 Response On Republican National Convention

Depending on the progress of the pandemic that is still mounting thousands of new cases and at least hundreds of new deaths per day across the U.S., this year’s Republican National Convention may not be held in a packed arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, N.C. Governor Roy Cooper isn’t ready to commit and assure that by August, the arena can be safely used at full capacity. Monday morning, Trump released a multi-tweet tirade, threatening to move the event to another state if he can’t be given immediate promises.

Donald Trump blasts Roy Cooper for covid19
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)]

On May 20, Governor Cooper released an updated executive order (PDF) relaxing some of the rules that had previously been in place. The new order allows the reopening of some businesses, like tattoo parlors and hair salons, and allows restaurants (previously ordered to offer drive-through and take-out only) to open their dining rooms with limited capacity. The order still prohibits mass gatherings, and it specifically addresses large venues used for entertainment and sporting events, allowing these to reopen for “the recording of and broadcast to the public,” still with very limited spectators allowed present.

Since COVID-19 can have long incubation periods, it can take some time at each phase of reopening to determine what consequences may arise.

Trump decried this in a four-tweet rant, declaring that the governor must give an immediate answer for August, or the RNC — and all the jobs and economic benefits it brings to an area — will be relocated.

Vice President Mike Pence appeared on Fox News Monday to issue the same warning, saying that the RNC could be held instead in a state that’s “farther along on reopening, and can say with confidence that we can gather there.”

As of May 24, the CDC is reporting over 97k deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19. As states begin to open up, leadership is watching the results and listening to experts to determine what steps are next, and establish the safest timelines.

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