Trump Blasts Fox News For 'Putting on the Enemy'

On Monday morning, Donald Trump showed just how much he relies on Fox News by bashing the network for putting on a guest who was critical of him. 

The former President doesn't count on Fox to broadcast the news in a reliable way. He fully counts on the network to promote his brand and to never criticize him. And Trump went nuclear recently when Fox dared to have a guest say something critical of him. 

Fox drew Trump's ire by having on Patrick Murphy, a former Democratic congressman who also served under Barack Obama. As a decorated military veteran and former lawmaker, Murphy would seem to be the perfect candidate as a news guest but not to Trump. 

The former President bloviated on Sunday, "why does FoxNews keep putting all of these warped Biden Apologists on, one after another, like failed former Congressman Patrick Murphy?"

This is a regular line from Trump who also whined on Saturday: 

"FoxNews puts on the WORST people, and all done very purposely. John Bussey, a Wall Street Journal Associate Editor, is a real loser who loves to hear himself talk. When he discusses me, he refuses to say, even though he knows it to be true, that everything I got accused of is a Biden inspired HOAX for purposes of Election Interference. He plays right into their web of deceit and deception by not explaining this. Is he a Democrat, or a really dumb Republican? Hard to believe I’m winning by so much with jerks like this stinking up the airwaves. Get rid of him, FoxNews! DJT."