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Trump Blasts European Union Over Google’s $5 Billion Anti-Trust Fine

Trump Blasts European Union Over Google’s $5 Billion Anti-Trust Fine

President Trump’s disdain for European trade policies was further fueled this week after the European Union (EU) slapped Google with a $5 billion fine.

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The EU is accusing the tech giant of harming its consumers and competitors by pushing its apps on Android users. The move comes at a time when the POTUS is trying to rein in the EU on trade.

Last week, Trump referred to the European Union as a “Foe” regarding trade. The POTUS has been blasting the EU on trade since the 2016 Presidential Campaign and said in an interview with Face the Nation that the EU is a foe because of “what they do to us on trade.” Trump announced tariffs on goods from the EU, Canada, and Mexico back in May.

Attempts by the POTUS to rein in our European allies on trade have had consequences. The EU announced $3.3 billion in tariffs on American goods back in June. The tariffs are in response to tariffs placed on European steel and aluminum by the US. Trump believes that the tariffs will strengthen the American economy, however, many mainstream economists disagree.

According to an article from Time magazine, the tariffs placed on the US by the EU will make a lot of items more expensive for Americans. These items include washing machines, solar panels, beer, soup, and cars. It was previously reported by Newsweek that Trump’s trade war could cost America up to 400,000 jobs.

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The POTUS also has very little support among Americans for his trade policies. Forbes notes that a recent poll shows only 39% of Americans agree with U.S. trade policies put in place by the current administration. The poll also shows that 36% oppose Trump’s tariffs while 26% had no opinion.

The POTUS is determined to make what he sees as, bad trade deals, better for the US. It seems apparent at this time that only Trump’s base feels a trade war is a good idea as Trump pushes full steam ahead with his policies.

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