Trump Blasts Bloomberg For ‘Bad Night’ In New Hampshire — Even Though He Wasn’t On The Ballot

The New Hampshire primary election results saw a bit of a mixed outcome. While Sen. Bernie Sanders won overall, he only did so with a quarter of support, and it may be the case that, long-term, the moderates/centrists win out.

It’s hard to say right now where the primary election season is going to go. One thing’s for certain, however: President Donald Trump is going to offer his armchair opinions about it all.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

He did so on Tuesday night, after election returns started coming in. Because the two have had a recent spate with one another on Twitter, Trump likely felt it necessary to point out that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a terrible night at the polls.

“A very bad night for Mini Mike!” Trump wrote, evoking his nickname for Bloomberg.

There’s just one tiny problem with Trump’s criticism of the former mayor’s performance: Bloomberg wasn’t on the ballot at all.

Bloomberg’s strategy has been to sit out of the first couple of nominating contests and attempt to make a strong showing by Super Tuesday. That requires him to put his resources in places outside of New Hampshire, and prompted his campaign to avoid trying to run in the state altogether.

Even though Bloomberg wasn’t on the ballot, he still won the primary election for both parties in Dixville Notch, where a Republican voter (yes, singular) selected him as a write-in candidate, and a few Democratic voters picked him, too, also writing him in, HuffPost reported.

With a slew of write-in votes likely happening across the state as well, one could make the argument that Bloomberg actually had a better night than he expected to have.

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