Trump Blames Hillary Clinton When Mic Cuts Out At Rally

Donald Trump made a rare identifiable joke at a rally Tuesday night. When his mic cut out, he showed signs of annoyance, then directed the crowd to blame Hillary Clinton. The moment of silly play with his fans is emblematic, though, of the larger trend in Trump’s campaign.

Trump still campaigning against Hillary Clinton
[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]

In the clip below, Donald Trump is boasting about an endorsement from New York City’s Police Benevolent Association when his microphone suddenly goes silent. While electronic equipment has brief failures as a matter of course, this particularly stood out when the president has been complaining that at the next debate, a moderator will silence the mic of each candidate during the other candidate’s turn to speak, to prevent interruptions and speaking over.

Trump looks a little frustrated as he calls for his mic to be fixed, then, when it’s working again, he says, “I wonder who did that to our mic. I don’t believe it was Joe. You know who it was? Crooked Hillary.”

Nearly four years after Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential race, Donald Trump is still campaigning against her.

Trump was recently criticized by a GOP pollster for running “the worst campaign I’ve ever seen,” focusing on attacking opponents, trashing Joe Biden’s son, and failing to address the actual issues that are concerning the American people.

In 2016, though, Trump’s rallies were characterized in part by the “lock her up” chants that focused on Clinton, and always netted an enthusiastic response. As Trump’s polling continues to flag, it’s no great surprise that he’d revive a rallying cry that has always fired up his base.

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