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Trump Biographer: The President Is, ‘Wittingly Or Not,’ A ‘Kremlin Agent’

Trump Biographer: The President Is, ‘Wittingly Or Not,’ A ‘Kremlin Agent’

A biographer of President Donald Trump’s has come out with an alarming statement about the current commander-in-chief, suggesting that his loyalties are not with the American people.

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David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who has authored a book called “The Making of Donald Trump,” said during a Sirius XM radio show that he believed there was “abundant evidence that Donald Trump has committed crimes in office.”

While speaking to host Dean Obeidallah, Johnston added that Trump’s loyalties are spread all around, and don’t always take into account priorities of the country he’s running.

“I’ve said from the very beginning that the kindest thing you can say about Donald [Trump] is that he has divided loyalties and I believe, wittingly or not, that he is a Kremlin agent,” Johnston said.

Johnston has made previous remarks about the president that should cause some to worry about Trump’s behavior in office. Two weeks ago, for instance, Johnston, while discussing how the National Enquirer had a special relationship with Trump, including frequently publishing stories that cast his political adversaries in a negative light, said the president has tried to go after him.

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“Well, Donald has long had other people investigated to try and get them to back off. He did it to me,” Johnston said, according to reporting from Raw Story. “And the whole model here is one of, as we’ve been discussing, extortion — of suppressing news.”

Others, including high-ranking law enforcement officials, have in the past worried about Trump’s allegiance to our nation. Former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe this past week, in an interview with “60 Minutes,” said that he opened an investigation into the president the week after he fired then-Director James Comey.

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, McCabe elaborated on his concerns. When asked by Cooper if Trump was a Russian agent or asset, McCabe responded in the affirmative. “I think it’s possible,” he said, per reporting from CNN.

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