Trump Bid For Airport Naming Shot Down

Throughout his business career – and even as an accidental president – Donald Trump has thrived on pasting his surname on everything from condos and casinos to crappy wine, steaks and vodka. In his post-presidency decampment to his Florida retirement home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the twice-impeached, one-term president had hoped that he would be enthusiastically received in his new home town.

It hasn’t exactly gone according to his plan. First, the Palm Beach government enforced its previous decision that the helipad at Trump’s resort had to be dismantled once he no longer needed it to transport him on the Marine One helicopter. After that humiliation, Trump had lobbied for the nearby Palm Beach airport to be renamed for him, much like National Airport outside of Washington, D.C., now carries Ronald Reagan’s name, and the massive international airport in Houston sports the name of former president George H.W. Bush.

The Palm Beach county government isn’t so inclined to afford him that honor. County commissioner Melissa McKinlay told the Sun Sentinel newspaper why she and five other county commissioners are not behind the idea of a Trump-honoring airport in Palm Beach. “When people hear [Palm Beach], they envision our beaches, our equestrian sports, and in some cases our agricultural contributions,” she said. “It is a lifestyle.” She says that a name like Trump International is “better-suited for his golf courses, not our airport.”

It’s fairly common – and expected – for past presidents to want to have their name attached to things like roads, buildings, schools, parks or airports. But as presidential historian and Lynn University professor  Robert Watson explained, Donald Trump will likely run into issues accomplishing such a thing.

“I imagine in a couple of years when there’s talk about renaming [things] for him — Trump could be the outlier, the anomaly,” Watson stated. “He was so controversial. He generates such controversy that it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to touch it.”

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