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Trump Believes James Mattis is a ‘Democrat at Heart’ and is Upset About Comparisons to him

Trump Believes James Mattis is a ‘Democrat at Heart’ and is Upset About Comparisons to him

Secretary Mattis – Source: United States Department of Defense

It is no secret that relations between President Trump and his Defense Secretary James Mattis have been tense over the last several months. One can simply observe this by watching the men interact with each other while they are on camera, but a new report by the New York Times indicates that things may be even worse than they appear.

According to the New York Times, who spoke to over a “dozen White House, congressional and current and former Defense Department officials over the past six weeks,” Trump has clearly soured to the chief executive officer of the Armed Forces.

Mr. Trump is reportedly angered at recent comparisons to the Secretary, which paints Mattis as the adult in the room. The president also reportedly believes that Mattis is actually a “Democrat at heart,” according to the Times.

The President reportedly wants Sec. Mattis to behave more like his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo does. That requires public support, laughing at his jokes and displaying a general sense of unity with the President.

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The combination of Bob Woodward’s book, in which Mattis reportedly compared the President’s intelligence to that of a “fifth or sixth grader,” along with the New York Times’ Op-ed, which the White House is still trying to figure out the author of, the president seems to be suspicious of anyone and everyone who doesn’t fall 100% in line with his views.

Earlier this month The Washington Post reported that Secretary Mattis was planning to leave his post sometime in the next few months.

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