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Trump Begs His Supporters for Money Using the Southern Border as His Selling Point

Trump Begs His Supporters for Money Using the Southern Border as His Selling Point

President Trump has been known as a business man throughout his career.  While some will claim he has been extremely successful, others will claim that the only reason why he has been successful is because he has used immoral and potentially fraudulent means to get there.

Yesterday, Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office for the first time as president.  He spoke about America’s southern border and his desire to build a wall, slatted barrier or whatever else he is calling it these days. While building his wall has become one of his top goals, another goal that he never forgets about is the goal of raising money from his supporters.

Just prior to, and just after his address to the nation, Trump made sure to ask his supporters for money, in one of the most unscrupulous ways possible: via email and text message.

Tuesday afternoon, just several hours prior to his scheduled address, President Trump sent an email out to his supporters, reading:

I will be addressing the nation tonight at 9PM ET on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.

Just look at the facts:

  • Drugs are poisoning our loved ones
  • MS-13 gang members are threatening our safety
  • Illegal criminals are flooding our nation

I want to make one thing clear to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi:

Your safety is not a political game or a negotiation tactic!

The American people have signed over 2,000,000 petitions demanding Democrats finally put America First and BUILD THE WALL….but Chuck and Nancy simply won’t listen.

That’s why I want to do something so HUGE, even Democrats and the Fake News won’t be able to ignore.

We need to raise $500,000 in ONE DAY.

I want to know who stood with me when it mattered most so I’ve asked my team to send me a list of EVERY AMERICAN PATRIOT who donates to the Official Secure the Border Fund.

Please make a special contribution by 9 PM EST to our Official Secure the Border Fund to have your name sent to me after my speech.

If that wasn’t enough, text messages were also sent out to his supporters both before and after his address.

The link within the text messages directed to a secure form on DonaldTrump.com, again trying to entice supporters to help him “raise $500,000 in one day.”

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