Trump Attorney Says Defense Strategy Won’t Change, Despite Former President’s Frustration

Donald Trump’s defense attorneys in his impeachment trial will not change their strategy, though Trump is reportedly unhappy with the defense, and his supporters have criticized the team’s work.

Trump defense won't change strategy
[Source: Senate Television/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team, David Schoen and Bruce Castor, was criticized widely the first day of proceedings. Attorney Alan Dershowitz was amongthose critics, and according to CNN, so was the former president himself.

Trump is described as “almost screaming” as Castor tried to make a point. While there’s no official word on what exactly upset him, a clip from ABC News below, in which the attorney appears to commend America on the intelligence shown in voting Trump out, could be a clue.

However, despite all this criticism, David Schoen tells Fox News, in a clip below curated by The Recount, that the team has no plans of changing their strategy when they begin defending Trump on Friday.

He also said that the criticism of Castor was unfair, and that the attorney was “responding to something that was said.”

“Let’s just see how this thing plays out. Tomorrow is our opportunity to go. That’s when we start to present our case and to give answers.”

According to CNBC, the defense plans to make their case more briefly, taking only one day rather than the full 16 hours they are entitled to.

Only six Republican Senators actually voted on Tuesday to move forward with the trial at all, however, and it will take nearly three times that many voting for conviction — along with all 48 Democrats and both Independents — to hold Trump accountable for actions on January 6th.

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