Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Is Super Offended Uber Is Protecting Drivers After Anti-Masker Attacks

Anti-maskers who turn violent when asked to comply with masking regulations have become a significant safety concern for retail employees and others working with the public. When ride-sharing giant Uber made a decision to protect their drivers, attorney Jenna Ellis couldn’t take it.

Jenna Ellis
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Ellis, who has spent a good portion of the last several months fighting the election results on Donald Trump’s behalf, tweeted a screenshot showing that Uber passengers must now take a selfie proving they have a mask, rather than simply clicking a box to say they do. Ellis described this as “disturbing” and “insanity,” and said the company should “rely on customers and drivers instead,” that there is “no legitimate rationale” for the move.

However, drivers being forced to actually ask noncompliant passengers to mask up has proven dangerous quite recently. In the Inside Edition video clip below from earlier this month, a passenger becomes so irate at being asked to wear a mask that she physically attacks the driver, ripping off his mask and coughing on him. He also says he drove her to a gas station to buy a mask initially.

According to NBC a second passenger later deployed pepper spray into the vehicle. Two passengers have been charged in the attack.

[Screenchot via Uber/Twitter]

Uber’s “No Mask. No ride.” policy is clearly visible even in the bio of the very Twitter account Ellis tagged in her complaint.

Ellis points out in her gripe that the new policy doesn’t prevent a person from taking off their mask after a selfie, but it does drastically reduce the risk that a driver uses time and gas to show up for a passenger who makes the excuse of not having a mask available.

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