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Trump Attends Black Leadership Summit, Blasts Van Jones and Al Sharpton

Trump Attends Black Leadership Summit, Blasts Van Jones and Al Sharpton

While he is on the record as saying he’s been a great president for them, Donald Trump is not popular with black voters. In a July Reuters poll, the President only held a 13% approval rating among African American voters.

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In an attempt to woo African American voters over to his side, Trump spent Friday afternoon at a Black Leadership Summit hosted by Turning Point USA. While speaking to the audience, Trump ripped into two prominent black media figures, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton and CNN’s Van Jones.

Back in September, Trump engaged in a Twitter feud with musician John Legend and his super model wife, Chrissy Teigen. Trump was upset that Legend hadn’t mention him while talking about criminal justice reform.

Jones was the host of the program where Legend discussed the topic. Trump said of him, “So Van Jones was on about two weeks ago, and he came to me, and I am telling you, he was so nice. He was sitting right there when I was doing it. I said thank you Van Jones, thank you this one, this one, that one, that one, and that was it. And he came up and thanked me. That was it. Then about three weeks, I saw him on television — I don’t watch his show too much. Neither do too many.”

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The President briefly moved on to his former friend Al Sharpton, saying he, “scared NBC into giving him a show. They don’t want to have any trouble. But he’s sort of a third-rate con guy.”

Then Trump again addressed his anger over his lack of recognition from Van Jones. “I kept waiting for my name,” he continued. “And I kept waiting. I grew embarrassed in front of my wife. I said ‘he didn’t name me! I’m the one who did it!’ I called up Jared [Kushner]. I said ‘Jared, what the Hell is this?'”

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