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Trump Attempts To Court Hispanic Voters During New Mexico Rally

Trump Attempts To Court Hispanic Voters During New Mexico Rally

President Donald Trump on Monday evening traveled to a rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, in part to court Hispanic voters in the state and elsewhere in the U.S.

“We love our Hispanics,” Trump said at the rally.

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The president mentioned that September was Hispanic Heritage Month, and asked in the audience, “Who is Hispanic here?” which drew loud applause. Trump also called Hispanic Americans “incredible people.”

Trump touted several positive economic indicators for the Latinx community, including unemployment figures and median income, which he stated had never been better for the demographic group in America. He implied that it was due to his reforms that Hispanic Americans were seeing better outcomes in their lives, although he’s not said how his administration caused that to happen.

Indeed, a general trend from before Trump became president showed Latinxs were on the path to prosperity during the previous administration. From the height of the Great Recession to January 2017, the Latinx unemployment rate dropped by 7.2 points, from 13 percent to 5.8 percent. Since Trump has been president, that rate has dropped by only 1.6 percent, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis notes in its unemployment data.

Trump may indeed have a difficult task in courting Latinx voters come November 2020. The president’s rhetoric regarding the immigration debate has frequently crossed the line into racist statements, critics contend, which has resulted in difficult polling numbers for him to overcome with just over a year until Election Day.

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Indeed, numbers from a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll show his approval among Hispanic voters is just 25 percent (the national rate overall is 38 percent in the same poll), while 67 percent disapprove of Trump.

In a separate poll from July, a hypothetical matchup between Trump and Democratic Party frontrunner Joe Biden shows that Trump would lose the Latinx vote in a huge way. The incumbent president would receive just 26 percent of the vote among Latinx voters, according to that poll, while 71 percent would vote in favor of Biden.

That would be a slightly poorer end result for Trump than he saw in 2016. In that year’s contest, Trump lost Latinx voters to Hillary Clinton, by a margin of her 66 percent of that demographic’s vote to his 28 percent, exit polling showed.

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