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Trump Attacks Republican-appointed Judges As His FISA Narrative Falls Apart

Trump Attacks Republican-appointed Judges As His FISA Narrative Falls Apart

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice released a heavily redacted version of the Carter Page FISA warrant application, in what was really an unprecedented move.  The 412-page application was far more detailed than Republican Rep. Devin Nunes seemingly implied it to be when he released his memo back in February, claiming FISA abuses by the FBI.

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The release of the warrant application has most people agreeing that Nunes’ narrative was a false one.  The FBI did in fact provide ample information to the courts showing just who Christopher Steele was, as well as his connections to Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

The FISA application did in fact state that Steele was  hired to “conduct research regarding Candidate #1,” who is Donald Trump, as well as Trump’s potential “ties to Russia.”  The application even went as far as stating that the man who hired him was “likely looking for information that could be used to discredit [the Trump] campaign.”

So now that the FBI does not appear to have done anything illegal in their request for a FISA warrant to monitor Trump Campaign advisor Carter Page, how would Trump handle this?

Please recall that back on December 27, 2017, prior to the Nunes memo ever being released, I made a tweet that read:


Today, President Trump did exactly as I had predicted some seven months ago. He attacked the courts, tweeting a quote by Andrew McCarthy:

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Trump has now officially begun to attack the U.S. Court System, a dangerous move that signals a pivotal point in America.  When the third branch of government, the the Judiciary branch is attacked by the U.S. President, we know we are heading in a very bad direction.

It’s worth noting here that the four judges who were responsible for signing off on the four FISA applications to monitor Page, were all appointed by Republican Presidents.

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