Trump Appointee Launches Twitter Rant Explaining Her Far-Right Beliefs

Merritt Corrigan, a Trump appointee at the U.S. Agency for International Development who is known for her bigoted views towards the LGBT community announced that she is quitting her post and partnering with known conspiracy theorists, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman. The trio will make their first appearance together on Thursday at a press conference where Corrigan will spout her far-right beliefs.

Corrigan is well known for being anti-LGBT and once claimed that America has been gripped by a “homo-empire” That supports a “tyrannical LGBT Agenda” which was reported by Pro-Publica. Corrigan tweeted out several other announcements although her Twitter has been mostly deleted despite being unlocked. Her anti-LGBT beliefs also extend to gay marriage of which she says, “Gay marriage isn’t marriage” even though most Americans say gay marriage is marriage.

Democratic Senator, Cory Booker, was also targeted by Corrigan who called the devout Christian a “radical anti-Christian leftist.” Corrigan then set her sights on Daniel Lippman who reported her resignation on behalf of POLITICO.

Corrigan also framed herself as a persecuted Christian during her rant. She wrote, “For too long, I’ve remained silent as the media has attacked me for my Christian beliefs, which are shared by the majority of Americans.”

Corrigan was even labeled “dangerous” in a press release by the House Foreign Affairs Committee which prompted Corrigan to challenge Chairman Engel to debate her, Burkman, and Wohl. Wohl and Burkman are famous for spreading multiple lies and even trying to frame Dr. Fauci for crimes. USA Today also pointed out that Whol made a false claim that “that pipe bombs sent to prominent Democrats and media outlets were a left-wing ‘false flag’ operation.”

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