Trump Appears Unwilling To Give Up Campaign Rallies In Order To Halt Coronavirus Spread

Speaking to reporters on Monday regarding the next steps for dealing with the coronavirus global pandemic, President Donald Trump seemed to suggest an unwillingness to potentially cancel his campaign rallies if things got worse in the United States.

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“Is it safe or appropriate to be holding rallies during a public health crisis like this?” a reporter asked Trump at the White House.

Trump didn’t ready to say such a move was necessary, though his answer seemed more concerned with scheduling obligations rather than public safety.

“Well, these were set up a long time ago, and others are,” he said.

The president did bring up a fair point. “You could ask that to the Democrats because they’re having a lot of rallies,” he said.

Asked whether he was worried that the disease could spread because of rallies or not, or if he felt it was safe, the president responded, “I think it’s very safe.”

Trump was set to meet with representatives from pharmaceutical companies to discuss the current coronavirus situation.

“We’re talking about a vaccine, maybe a cure, it’s possible, we’ll see about that. We’ve asked them to accelerate whatever they’re doing in terms of a vaccine,” Trump said.

But his comments may be overly optimistic, as many of his statements over the past two weeks have been. Trump, for example, suggested the disease would probably die out by April, due to warming temperatures, even as representatives from the Centers for Disease Control said they didn’t know much about how coronavirus would be affected by seasonal temperatures.

The total number of individuals who have perished so far in the United States due to coronavirus increased on Monday, to six total, the Washington Post reported. Officials have confirmed at least 87 COVID-19 cases in the country, and say they expect more to come about as time progresses.

The president, however, predicted that the number of cases would soon be going down.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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