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Trump Angers Iraqi Leaders & Citizens as He Visits Troops on the Ground

Trump Angers Iraqi Leaders & Citizens as He Visits Troops on the Ground

While President Trump is pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, much to the disliking of his critics, Iraqi leadership is instead angry at the President for doing just the opposite — leaving troops in their country.

As soon as Trump touched down in Iraq yesterday afternoon, many people within the media as well as former army personnel, began questioning why Trump did not meet with Iraqi leadership while in Iraq.

According to NPR, George W. Bush’s National Security Council member, Kori Schake, said that it was significant that Trump didn’t meet with leadership within the country while visiting U.S. troops.

Now comes word from Reuters that Iraqi leaders, lawmakers and citizens are angry over the fact that Trump visited their country.

“The American leadership was defeated in Iraq and wants to return again under any pretext, and this is what we will never allow,” explained Iraqi politician Falih Khazali.

“Trump’s visit is a flagrant and clear violation of diplomatic norms and shows his disdain and hostility in his dealings with the Iraqi government,” stated Iraq’s Bina bloc, before elaborating and explaing that Trump’s visit “places many question marks on the nature of the U.S. military presence and its real objectives, and what these objectives could pose to the security of Iraq.”

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President Trump spoke with Iraqi prime minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi before his visit, but they could not come to an agreement on a meeting, due to some sort of disagreement over where the meeting would take place.

One Iraqi resident, named Mohammad Abdullah, also showed his disdain for the president’s visit, saying, “We won’t get anything from America. They’ve been in Iraq 16 years, and they haven’t given anything to the country except destruction and devastation.”

While Iraq seems angry over US occupancy within their country, it doesn’t appear as though Trump will be pulling troops from the region anytime soon.  He told reporters and the troops on the ground that he has no plans to withdrawal American forces anytime soon.

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