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Trump Almost Hired Matthew Whitaker to Legally Attack Mueller

Trump Almost Hired Matthew Whitaker to Legally Attack Mueller

Before the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was turned in this past Wednesday, very few people had heard of his temporary replacement, Matthew Whitaker.  Whitaker, who had been serving as the Chief of Staff to Jeff Sessions, suddenly was thrust into the national spotlight after being named “Acting Attorney General” by President Trump.

Of course, as the acting Attorney General, Whitaker now becomes the man in charge of the special counsel’s probe into Russian election interference and possible Trump campaign collusion.

Over the course of the past several days, more and more stories have come to light outlining potential conflicts of interest in the appointment of Whitaker as the acting Attorney General. Not only has Whitaker been a harsh critic of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but he also has a shady business past.

On Friday, the New York Times discovered yet another reason why Whitaker would appear to be conflicted in his new role of overseeing the Mueller probe.  Not only has Whitaker been a critic of Mueller, but President Trump’s White House nearly hired him in July of 2017 to be their ‘legal attack dog against the special counsel’, according to the Times.

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Yesterday President Trump insisted to the press: “I don’t know Matt Whitaker”.  This statement comes after President Trump told Fox & Friends on October 11 that, “I can tell you Matt Whitaker’s a great guy. I mean, I know Matt Whitaker.”

Undoubtedly there is question to the intent of Trump’s appointment of Whitaker.  Trump’s biggest threat right now appears to be the special counsel, and Whitaker was almost hired to be Trump’s official legal representative to counter Mueller, but instead he has now been appointed to oversee Mueller.

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