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Trump Allegedly Offered Pardon to CBP Head If He Broke Immigration Laws

Trump Allegedly Offered Pardon to CBP Head If He Broke Immigration Laws

Donald Trump has shown repeatedly that he is not averse to potentially breaking the law to get things done. This is no more evident than the fact that it has come to light that he has allegedly promised Kevin McAleenan, the head of Customs and Border Patrol, that there is a pardon waiting for him if McAleenan has to violate the law to ensure that people seeking asylum in the United States are not allowed to enter the country.

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Two U.S. officials who are familiar with the situation say that Trump told McAleenan not to worry about jail, because if he was arrested for violating United States immigration law to make good on Trump’s hardline anti-immigrant policies that Trump “would pardon him if he ever went to jail for denying US entry to migrants.”

When asked about the comments by CNN, the White House told the news network to talk to the Department of Homeland Security, and said of the President’s actions:

“At no time has the President indicated, asked, directed or pressured the Acting Secretary to do anything illegal. Nor would the Acting Secretary take actions that are not in accordance with our responsibility to enforce the law.”

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So, regardless of what President Trump said to Kevin McAleenan, it appears that the White House is insisting that there will be no tolerance for lawbreaking.

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