Trump Allegedly Had Brief Affair With Miss Moscow, Set Up By Kompromat Master, Says Senate Report

The bipartisan Senate committee investigating Russian intereference into the 2016 elections released a redacted report. In the process of examining potential ongoing security risks, the committee looked at connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. One focus was whether Russian officials might have gathered “kompromat” on Trump — information that could make him susceptible to blackmail, as alleged in the Steele Dossier. They found, among other things, a possible affair between Trump and Miss Moscow in 1996, set up by a man known to be a kompromat master.

Donald Trump affair with Miss Moscow
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]

According to the Washington Post, the report describes an interaction in 1996 at a party. David Geovanis, who has ties to Russian intelligence and is known for his ability to collect kompromat, reportedly invited a former Miss Moscow (her name is redacted in the report) winner to a party along with Donald Trump. Geovanis reportedly told others that Trump and the woman had “hooked up,” and were together the next day.

After Trump’s election in 2016, Geovanis sought out copies of photos from the party, including at least one of Trump and an unidentified woman. A witness says that he heard Geovanis tell Trump he should “be nice to [Geovanis] in light of information [Geovanis] had,” though the witness says it may have been a joke.

Though the report does not conclude that any kompromat was obtained, these details are new and paint an image of, at minimum, attempts to gain control over Trump.

The Geovanis connection isn’t entirely new information, though the lurid details may be. The Daily Beast reported last year that the Senate Intelligence Committee was attempting to make contact with him to ask questions about Trump’s activities in the 1990s, including, specifically, the 1996 visit to Moscow, which Geovanis reportedly organized. Connections between Geovanis and Paul Manafort have also been investigated.

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