Trump Airs Debate Grievances on Fox & Friends

The trio of hosts during Donald Trump’s call-in this morning on Fox & Friends did its best to offer the president advice on adopting a different, less combative approach for Thursday’s debate with Joe Biden. It’s unclear whether he’ll take it because Trump brushed aside all attempts at actual conversation and instead re-upped his grievances with the deep state of debates.

Ainsley Earhardt first brought up the debate, asking Trump what he thought of the decision by the Commission on President Debates to mute the candidates’ microphones when one of them is answering a question. Trump never did answer that question and instead launched into a meandering his airing of his grievances with the commission followed by attacks on news people and debate moderators.

“These people are not good people. This commission — a lot of funny things go on with them. And frankly Kristen Welker who I know and I just went through Savannah Guthrie and I knew what I was getting into and it worked out fine but she was totally out of line, totally out of line. And so was Chris Wallace. I know you’ll defend him … he was terrible. It was like two on one.” He continued, “Kristen Welker is terrible, she’s totally partisan. Her father and mother are supporters of Joe Biden for a long time … and she deleted her entire account.”

Trump was referencing an oft-repeated claim by Fox News and the New York Post that the NBC correspondent had deleted her Twitter account to hide supposed Democrat leaning posts. In fact, Welker’s account is very much active, as noted by fellow White House correspondent Jon Karl of ABC News:


Then Brian Kilmeade followed up with this: “Whatever the playing field is you have to adjust to it.” He then inexplicably added, “You’re a sports guy by trade, you have to adjust to it.” Trump continued his whining, saying in response, “It’s not fair. It would be nice to have a host that isn’t a contributor to the campaigns … there are people out there who can be neutral.”

Kilmeade: “Having said that, Chris said he was neutral. Just moving on to this debate …”

Trump: “For who? For himself.”

Kilmeade then asked Trump if he had anyone new helping him prepare for Thursday night. “After studying and dueling with Joe Biden once already — what have you learned, what’s gonna change? Are you gonna interrupt less?”

In a stunning display of projection, Trump responded, “Joe lies and he lies a lot and he says things that are crazy.”

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