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Trump Aides Push Back On Stephanie Grisham’s TFG Tell-All With Text ‘Receipts’

Trump Aides Push Back On Stephanie Grisham’s TFG Tell-All With Text ‘Receipts’

Donald Trump’s still-loyal ex-White House aides are scrambling to discredit one of their former colleagues ahead of her tell-all memoir’s publication next week.

Stephanie Grisham, the Press Secretary who never held a press conference during her brief tenure in the role, also served as Melania’s Chief of Staff. Grisham lobbies several accusations against the Trump Administration and those who served on their staffs in her book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House.” Set for release on October 5, the book promises to reveal secrets about her time with the Trumps. But now a senior aide to Donald Trump has provided text messages to Politico’s Playbook that suggest Grisham went along with election fraud conspiracies in her home state of Arizona.

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Excerpts from Grisham’s book that have circulated claim she did not believe the election had been stolen and tried to convince the then-First Lady that her husband was not the victim of a fraud conspiracy, but multiple Trump aides claim to have “receipts” to dispute her account — and show she went along with White House efforts to challenge the results. On November 5th, after Arizona A.G. Mark Brnovich rebutted claims from Donald Trump supporters that voters who used Sharpies had their ballots improperly disqualified, Grisham forwarded his tweet to a Trump aide and wrote of Brnovich, ‘Told you. Useless,'” according to Politico.

“The following week, on November 12th, Grisham texted the same aide with a Washington Post report about Brnovich telling Fox News there was ‘no evidence; of fraud that would change the results in Arizona,” Politico reported. “‘Such an ass,’ she wrote.”

Grisham declined to comment on the texts provided to Politico and referred reporters to Jacobs and her friend Brett Mecum, an Arizona political operative, and both of them insisted that Grisham had privately told them she did not believe in election fraud conspiracies.

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