Trump Aides Could Face Criminal Referral For Dodging 1/6 Investigation

The investigation into the January 6th attacks is likely going to involve questions for some people in Donald Trump’s immediate circle — and answering them won’t necessarily be optional. Not only will the process involve subpoenas for those who won’t testify voluntarily, but there’s the possibility of criminal consequences if they still don’t comply.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

As reported yesterday, the January 6th Committee has already said that they plan to skip the polite requests and go straight to subpoenas for individuals who they expect to be resistant to giving testimony. This could specifically include Trump’s high-level aides from his White House tenure, including those who were in his company during the January 6th attacks.

Now Adam Schiff says that the committee is also preparing for the next step in the event that these individuals try to dodge their subpoenas and still refuse to testify — and they’re open to criminal referral. Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell shares Schiff’s explanation.

The Committee was formed, despite significant Republican resistance, to get to the deeper facts of what actually drove the attack, as well as who in government knew in advance that it was going to happen, and how it would be focused. Trump’s potential culpability has been a significant matter of discussion, particularly since the then-President reportedly retreated to the White House’s safe rooms, as the Associated Press reported last June, during Black Lives Matter protests in the area, but felt safe in the White House, watching the attack on TV, when his own supporters were threatening the lives of legislators, including his Vice President, Mike Pence.

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