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Trump Aides Considered Asking Twitter For 15-Minute Delay On His Tweets — Report

Trump Aides Considered Asking Twitter For 15-Minute Delay On His Tweets — Report

President Donald Trump’s Twitter habits are no secret: the commander-in-chief has an affinity for producing several tweets daily, many of them bashing others while heaping large amounts of praise onto himself.

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Due to his pervasive use of Twitter, the White House staff has, at times, tried to find ways to curtail the president from using the social media site so often, especially since it has gotten him in trouble on more than one occasion. Trump tweets have, in fact, been cited in several court cases, CNN noted early in his term.

On at least one occasion, The Daily Beast noted (itself citing a recent New York Times deep dive into Trump’s Twitter use), Trump’s aides considered going behind his back and asking the company to create a 15-minute delay on his tweets before they went public.

Ultimately, that decision was tabled, for two reasons: first, the aides didn’t want to upset Trump if he ever found out about the scheme; and second, the aides figured it would be bad press for Trump if the idea ever leaked to the public. White House officials have since resolved to accept the president’ s Twitter habits as something beyond their control.

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Trump is indeed still busy as ever on social media. In September, he set a record with close to 800 tweets issued within that month alone. In the final week of September, Trump was tweeting, on average, about 34 posts per day.

Trump has seemingly broken his September record, according to data from the Trump Twitter Archive, sending out more than 1,000 tweets in October, essentially maintaining the average he established in the last week of September for the entirety of the last month.

Since the start of the year to November 1, Trump has issued 5,871 tweets. Over the course of those 305 days, he’s tweeted around 19 or 20 times per day, on average, providing further indication that in recent months his rate of tweeting has sped up, likely due to the impeachment inquiry that’s presently being conducted in the House of Representatives.

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