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Trump Agrees to Joe Rogan’s Offer to Moderate 4-Hour Pres Debate

Trump Agrees to Joe Rogan’s Offer to Moderate 4-Hour Pres Debate

The First Presidential Debate is still scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, with the follow-up debates set for Thursday, October 15, and Thursday, October 22, 2020. Three debates are the tradition for presidential candidates, with the Vice Presidential candidates meeting only once, on Wednesday, October 7. Now comes word that Donald Trump would agree to a fourth debate with Joe Biden…if controversial radio host Joe Rogan is the moderator.

Despite losing all three Presidential Debates to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Donald Trump has been using the debates as another way to bully his opponent, with his surrogates still pushing the narrative of Joe Biden in his basement. Biden has been out on the campaign trail for a while now, including making an emotional stop at a 9/11 Memorial on Friday.


The idea for Rogan as the moderator came from a tweet by another Trump sycophant, Charlie Kirk.

Obviously planted as a distraction from the myriad scandals Trump is juggling (including his comments on the military, the Bob Woodward tapes, and receiving criticism for holding an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada Sunday night), the engagement on Kirk’s tweet quickly got Rogan trending on Twitter Monday morning. Rogan had begun his career doing stand up comedy and worked as a commentator for the UFC before acting in sitcoms and hosting game shows. While being all over the map as far as his beliefs, Rogan has moved more right in recent years, recently betting a guest $100 that Biden wouldn’t show up to any of the debates, let alone all three.

And while a standard Presidential debate is 90 minutes, Trump (who is not known for his stamina nor his attention span) is backing the inflated ask to a four-hour debate.

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The Biden campaign had not responded to this new wrinkle in the Trump strategy as of Monday afternoon, but Jake Lahut of Business Insider sums up the whole thing fairly well.



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