Trump Again, Or A Cataclysmic Meteor? Nearly Two-Thirds Of New Hampshire Dems Prefer The Latter

Some Democratic voters’ distaste of President Donald Trump is so evident that they’d rather the world end than he win a second term in the White House.


That’s the case, at least, according to a recent UMass Lowell poll of 400 likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters.

The poll asked respondents which of the two scenarios they’d rather see happen: Trump win re-election, or a meteor hitting earth, destroying all human life upon doing so.

Only 38 percent of likely Democratic voters said they’d pick Trump winning again, while 62 percent said they preferred the option of the meteor.

Of course, respondents probably don’t want either to happen, but it was an interesting look at how vehemently opposed to Trump Democratic-leaning voters in the state are to his presidency.

Even among independent voters who plan to vote in the election, it was a close call. Fifty-one percent of independents planning to vote in the Democratic primary said they’d prefer Trump to global annihilation, while 49 percent said they preferred the world-ending meteor to him winning a second term.

The poll also found that there’s a tight race among Democrats regarding who should be the party’s nominee. Sen. Bernie Sanders received the support of 23 percent of respondents in the poll, with 22 percent backing former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren received 19 percent support, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg came in fourth with 12 percent.

However, the poll has a margin of error of +/- 6.4 percent, meaning the candidates listed above could all be in a different order altogether.

The poll’s results also differ greatly from the Real Clear Politics average of polls as of Saturday morning.

According to RCP’s numbers, the average of polls shows Sanders is in first, by a lead of 4 points over Buttigieg, who comes in second according to the aggregate of polling data. Biden and Warren are in a near-tie for the third-place position.

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