Trump Again Dances Around Racist Kamala Harris Birther Allegations

Donald Trump’s entire political career is based on a lie. The lie that the 44th President, Barack Obama, wasn’t born in the United States. Trump used this birthism conspiracy theory to become a prominent member of the Republican party and eventually the American president.

Kamala Harris already under attack by Donald Trump
Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

While the claims disgust much of the country, Trump must see it as a winning strategy. Days ago, he pointed out an op-ed by a lawyer who claims that Kamala Harris is not eligible to be Vice President. On Saturday, he was given the opportunity to walk back those claims, but chose not to.

A reporter asked the president today, “Will you say Kamala Harris is eligible to run and be vice president based on the fact she was born in Oakland?”

Again, Trump was cagey. “So, I have nothing to do with that. I read something about it … it’s not something that bothers me.”

Former Reagan official Linda Chavez explained the Trump campaign’s strategy while writing for the Bulwark this weekend. “A group of what passes for legal scholars in Trump World want you to believe that she still does not meet the constitutional qualification of ‘natural born citizen’ that would allow her to be sworn-in as vice president,” she wrote.

Chavez continued:

“The future that Trumpists worry about is already here. Kamala Harris is the face of America in 2020, the tawny-skinned child of immigrants. She is as American as apple pie and hot dogs, as pizza and ramen noodles, as empanadas and samosas—and there is little Donald Trump or his apologists can do about it.”

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