Trump Again Complains About RampGate: “It Was Like a Skating Rink”

There are some seemingly unimportant things weighing heavily on the President’s mind these days. Trump is obviously dismayed about reports of him camping out in a White House bunker during the George Floyd protests. The New York Times reports that he hopes to sue the person who leaked the bunker information to the press.

Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

The President is also quite upset about the coverage of his awkward walk down a West Point ramp this weekend. Trump addressed the situation in a recent tweet. On Thursday, during an interview with the Wall St. Journal, he again ranted about the ramp.

“And he (the General) led me to a ramp that was long and steep and slippery,” Trump said. “And I said, I got a problem because I wear, you know, the leather bottom shoes. I can show them to you if you like. Same pair. And you know what I mean, they’re slippery.”

The President continued, “So, I spent three hours between speeches and saluting people and they end up, all they talked about it ramp…If you would have seen this ramp, it was like a skating rink.”

Trump finished his rant by comparing his performance at West Point to that of other Presidents. “Other Presidents would never have been able to do it,” he said. “Because they usually do the first 10. They do 10 honor rolls, and then they go home. I stayed there for hours. And what do I do? I get publicity about walking down a ramp.”

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