Trump Again Complains About his Loneliness

While American troops remain along our southern border, away from their families and unable to do much to actually help secure our border, the President of the United States, this holiday season, complained about being lonely for the second time in weeks.

President Trump, who tweeted about his loneliness nine days ago on December 24th, mentioned how lonely he was once more during a cabinet meeting yesterday.

“I was in the White House all by myself for six or seven days,” according to Politico. “It was very lonely. My family was down in Florida. I said stay there and enjoy yourself. I felt I should be here just in case people wanted to come and negotiate the border security.”

The president stayed put because he had hoped for a deal to end the current government shutdown, which he himself said he would “own”. The shutdown began on December 22, after the president insisted on $5 billion in funding for his border wall. Democrats and even many Republicans spoke out against the request and no bill was able to get through the Senate and the House.

There is no sense as to how long the shutdown will last, and unless the President shows a willingness to work with a new House bill expected to be voted on by the incoming Democratic House this week, Mr. Trump may continue to be lonely at the top.  Today is the 12th day of the shutdown.

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