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Trump Advisory Board Member Hints Pope Francis May Go To Hell Over Wall Comments

Trump Advisory Board Member Hints Pope Francis May Go To Hell Over Wall Comments

This week, Pope Francis took a subtle swipe at President Donald Trump and the wall he hopes to build. The Pope noted, “those builders of walls sow fear and look to divide people.”

Gage Skidmore

This comment did not sit well with Trump advocate and megachurch Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress. During an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Jeffress claimed the Pope could be locked out of Heaven for his comments.

Jeffress, a member of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, began the segment by saying Francis’ comments were hypocritical. The Pastor exclaimed, “Listen, until the pope is willing to tear down the walls around the Vatican and unlock the doors inside of the Vatican, the pope has zero credibility. Let me say that again. the Pope has zero credibility to lecture Donald Trump or any other American about the morality of walls.”

The Pastor also noted that Pope Francis is off on his interpretation of borders and walls. Jeffress said, “God is going to divide people one day. The Bible says in Revelation 21 God is going to divide the righteous from the unrighteous. and only the righteous will be allowed inside the wall of heaven. The rest will be outside the wall of heaven for all eternity.”

While it’s startling to hear someone attack the Pope in this manner, it’s not unusual for Jeffress. In 2010, the Pastor said of Catholicism, “Much of what you see in the Catholic Church today doesn’t come from God’s Word, it comes from that cult-like, pagan religion … isn’t that the genius of Satan?”

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