Trump Advisor Jason Miller Accused of Cyberstalking Ex AJ Delgado

Jason Miller is one of the last people to still remain faithful to the man President Joe Biden dubbed “The Former Guy” at his Town Hall on Tuesday night. Miller still appears on news shows as a surrogate for the twice-impeached Florida resident now facing serious prosecution for election tampering in Georgia, never actually saying anything while saying a whole lot. Miller is practiced in the art of deflection when it comes to justifying everything about his employer, but he also lacks character all by himself.

Aside from frequenting the sort of massage establishments where everything ends happily for a few extra dollars, Miller famously had extramarital affairs with at least two of his former campaign staff colleagues, one of whom is former Trump senior advisor AJ Delgado. Miller and Delgado’s relationship began in October 2016, two months after she joined the campaign, and was pregnant within a month. Delgado alleges that Miller had initially informed her that he had separated from his wife. However, Miller hadn’t and was, in fact, expecting a child with his wife when Delgado found out she was pregnant with Miller’s child. The scandal cost Miller his role as Trump’s White House communications director, although he was quietly rehired by the Trump campaign in 2020.

Trump campaign official accused of drugging woman to kill fetus
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Their son William is now at the center of a bitter and often ugly custody battle that has led to Miller sending a serious threat to Delgado’s attorney Laline Veloso, while Miller has publicly harassed Delgado amid accusations of cyberstalking and threatening both women.

Miller had already dealt with a charge of contempt of court last summer stemming from neglected to pay child support into the five digits. Despite three hearings in the last year, a Florida judge still hasn’t awarded Delgado her attorney’s fees from the deadbeat dad who’s paid a high salary to work for Trump, but refuses to reveal just how much.

Miller’s court action earlier this month could delay the case and may even lead to judicial sanctions. He bypassed his own attorney and threatened by email to file a frivolous bar complaint against Delgado’s attorney. In Florida, a judge has the inherent authority to punish one side for deploying improper litigation tactics.




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