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Trump Adviser: President Will Become Unhinged by End of Impeachment Process

Trump Adviser: President Will Become Unhinged by End of Impeachment Process

Donald Trump has seemingly become increasingly agitated by the current impeachment process. He routinely called the situation unfair and describes the Ukraine call that prompted the investigation as “perfect.” His tweeting is also up, with 123 sent out on Friday alone.

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But according to a source in the White House, the President’s behavior might turn increasingly dark. One Trump Adviser told CNN’s Jim Acosta that by the end of the impeachment process, Trump will become totally unhinged.

Acosta made the comments while speaking to John Berman on Friday night. He told the host, “I think it’s starting to sink in that he’s about to be impeached. Impeachment is coming. He was asked about these issues earlier today. He was asked about the prospect of a Senate trial that comes after he’s impeached in the House.”

The reporter noted that those close to Trump are urging for a shorter trial in the senate. It is thought that a shorter process could help defend against any potential bombshells from coming out.

Acosta continued, “I talked to a Trump adviser earlier this evening who said, this is a president who will come out of this impeachment process unhinged. That this will be a very different President Trump. If you feel like he’s bothered by these grievances now, wait until he’s impeached in the House and acquitted in the Senate. This adviser saying get ready for a brand new even more aggrieved President Trump heading into the 2020 cycle.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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