Trump Adviser Brags About President Being Tied in Ruby-Red Arkansas. He Won the State by 27% in 2016.

The Trump surrogates who fight his case on cable news are different in 2020 than they were in 2016. People like Jeffrey Lord and Al Baldasaro have fallen off the map. Boris Epshtyn now works for Sinclair Media. Kayleigh McEnany worked her way all the way up to the role of White House Press Secretary.

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Jenna Ellis, a lawyer and legal adviser for Trump, is a new face on the scene. She certainly became memorable on Sunday, however, after strange boasts and a intense confrontation with CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Ellis appeared on Stelter’s show over the weekend. She was primarily there to argue that the recent CNN poll that showed Trump down 14% was due to “junk science.”

The legal adviser told the host, “You’re not trying to do your job — you’re not a journalist, Brian. You’re an activist. That’s the problem. You have an agenda, and your agenda is anti-Trump.”

Not pleased with her comments, Stelter replied, “I think in 10 or 20 years if we just sit down and talk about this, you’re going to realise how damaging it was. How damaging it was to use terms like ‘fake news,’ to attack journalists who are trying to do their jobs.”

Ellis continued her attack on Stelter later in the day, though she did so somewhat oddly. She tweeted a recent poll that showed Trump tied with Biden in Arkansas. Trump carried the state by 26% in 2016. The adviser wrote, “Hey Brian Stelter, still wanna stand by CNN’s junk science? None of the polls except yours show such false numbers.”



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