Trump Admits Election Was Secure As Campaign Shuts Down Fraud Hotline

Donald Trump has not yet admitted that he lost the 2020 Presidential Election and that Joe Biden is indeed the President-Elect. He’s still trying to claim massive fraud. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that those around him are starting to accept and move forward.

ABC News reporters say that the Trump Campaign is closing down its voter fraud hotline, where they hoped to take calls that would help them prove something crooked had gone on somewhere — anywhere — and support a lawsuit that would help overturn the election results.

[Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Instead, the line was besieged with prank calls, and Trump’s lawsuits have, one after another, fizzled out without any real results.

Now those who want to report an election problem are directed to fill out an online form, reports CNN‘s Kaitlan Collins. These forms are unlikely to result in much action. Law & Crime reported Thursday that a judge has already blocked these forms from being used as evidence, after Trump’s attorneys admitted they were filled with false statements and spam.

Trump has even offered a contradictory tweet in which he admits the election was secure and takes the credit — although he immediately again alleges that Democrats cheated. Homeland Security already pronounced the 2020 elections “the most secure in American history,” which some conservatives argued against vehemently.

Trump’s acceptance that the election was secure seems to be one more sign that his campaign is in the beginning stages of accepting the outcome and ending their fight against it.

Meanwhile, according to the Daily Beast, law firm Porter Wright has withdrawn from Trump’s lawsuit challenging the election outcome in Pennsylvania, after a poll watcher who was a witness in the campaign’s case turned out to also be a partner at the firm.

It’s not clear that Donald Trump will ever actually concede and admit, openly, that Joe Biden won the election. However, it’s beginning to look like his campaign recognizes that this fight is coming to an end.

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