Trump Administration Testing Chief: “We Do Expect Deaths To Increase”

As COVID-19 continues to surge across the nation, the Trump administration expects an increase in deaths. Admiral Brett Giroir, M.D., who Trump appointed as the Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, says that the administration recognizes that deaths will continue to rise, and that getting, and keeping, the virus under control is going to require faster testing and better mask compliance.

More covid-19 deaths expected, Trump administration says
[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

Politico reports that Giroir is asking the public for mask compliance, and said that lockdowns could be on the table for states that continue to have record numbers of cases and deaths day after day. “For this to work, we have to have like 90 percent of people wearing a mask in public in the hot spot areas. If we don’t have that, we will not get control of the virus.” He also said, “This is not out of control, but it requires a lot of effort and everybody is going to have to do their part.”

While Donald Trump previously mocked his presumed opponent in the 2020 elections, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask in public, he did wear one himself this weekend, while visiting Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Though Trump has previously said that he would wear masks when and where he found them appropriate, he has been seen skipping the basic precaution, even in locations where masks are required.

According to NPR, Trump told reporters at Walter Reed, “I’ve never been against masks, but I do believe they have a time and a place,” explaining that he was visiting “a lot of soldiers and people that, in some cases, just got off the operating tables.”

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