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Trump Administration Relocates National Park Rangers to Southern Border

Trump Administration Relocates National Park Rangers to Southern Border

Most park rangers who work at the country’s National Parks do so out of a love for nature. And the need for them is significant. Thanks to inadequate funding, many of the nation’s parks are understaffed creating potential danger for visitors.

Adria Malcolm/Getty Images for National Park Foundation

The Trump administration believes that there should be many more law enforcement agents patrolling the Southern Border. And in order to fill those positions, the President has ordered parks to start sending their rangers to patrol the border.

The decision was made after the Democratic held House refused to fund the President’s border security plan. None of these rangers have been trained in how to patrol a border crossing.

Rep. Raul Grivalja (D-NM) is the chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources. He blasted the plan, saying, “[This] is a sham that diverts law enforcement resources away from already underfunded parks. This puts park resources, visitors, and staff at risk, all so President Trump can continue to perpetuate his fabricated emergency at the border. Park police and border communities should not be pawns in this administrationā€™s political games.”

The plan has also drawn criticism from park rangers, themselves. An account controlled by rangers of the Rocky Mountain National Park shared a message concerning Trump’s plan. The tweet was captioned, “To my comrades in the green & gray who have received these directives: refuse ’em. We’re park rangers and we don’t f*ck with the gestapo.”

Rangers from North Carolina, Alaska, Washington DC and Utah have already been relocated to the southern border.

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