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Trump Administration Buried Dozens Of Climate Change Studies, Report Alleges

Trump Administration Buried Dozens Of Climate Change Studies, Report Alleges

Dozens of studies predicting dire outcomes for the agriculture industry in the United States, as a result of changing climate patterns, have allegedly been restricted from being made public by the administration of President Donald Trump, a new report detailed this weekend.

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According to Politico, some of the studies contain alarming details. For example, one demonstrated that a rise in carbon emissions in the atmosphere could diminish the number of vitamins in rice crops. Another showed that grass quality for cattle could go down, too, if climate change continues on its present course.

The Trump administration refused to publish these studies, and more, emanating from the non-partisan Agricultural Research Service, a move that defies a longstanding practice not to hamper or censor these types of studies due to politics. It’s a particularly intriguing outcome, given that none of the reports kept from the public actually studied what was behind climate change in the first place.

The refusal to allow these studies to see the light of day matches the administration’s general principles for when it comes to how to deal with the issue of climate change, including Trump’s own statements in the past.

In November last year, for instance, the Trump administration buried the findings of a damning climate change assessment from another of his executive agencies. When asked by reporters, after that report’s existence was revealed, why it was hidden, Trump explained he was skeptical of its conclusions.

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“I don’t believe it,” Trump said at the time, admitting to reporters he had only read “some” of the report, according to reporting from CNN.

Trump has had inconsistent views on climate change in the past, but has never come out in support of efforts to stymie the rise in average global temperatures or the reduction of carbon emissions.

These beliefs have had a wide range, from believing climate change was a conspiracy by the Chinese government to “make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive, to admitting that humans may have had “some” influence on climate change in 2016, to quoting a debunked scientist this year who stated that climate change is “fake science.”

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