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Trump Administration Begins Preparing For an Investigation Onslaught if Democrats Win House

Trump Administration Begins Preparing For an Investigation Onslaught if Democrats Win House

While it’s too early to tell is Democrats will win back the House or even perhaps the Senate next month, there is no doubt that the White House is concerned. The GOP machine in Congress has protected the President from an array of legal and ethical investigations into a litany of possible missteps and violations. Democrats are currently down 235-193 in the House of Representatives but many polls indicate that a wave of young voters may tilt the balance to Democrats this November.

While no President wants to face off against a House of Representatives of a countering party when trying to push through policy initiatives, it’s likely more than that for the Trump administration. A democratic House would almost certainly open multiple investigations into the president, and there is a very good chance that presidential impeachment may also be in the cards in the near future, should Robert Mueller issue a damning report related to the Russia Investigation.

According to Axios, the White House is now preparing for all of this, as Chief of Staff John Kelly has assembled a small team to at least begin considering the implications of multiple investigations by Congress.

Up until this point, senior White House staff have told Axios that Kelly and the understaffed White House Counsel’s Office have been ignoring the possible nightmare should Democrats take one or both chambers in Congress.

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“You’d think, we’d have a briefing or something to help us understand what’s coming with subpoenas and investigations,” one White House official told Axios.

The new Congress won’t be sworn in until January 3rd, but once Democrats are in control, if that is the case, there will likely be no mercy towards those in the Trump World. With Don McGahn also expected to step down after the midterms, the White House could find themselves scrambling in January if they don’t begin preparing now.

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