Trump Admin Officials Dragged From Coronavirus Hearing For ‘Emergency Meeting’

It is no secret that the coronavirus crisis in America is not going well, and the Trump Administration is making a mess of its handling.

Image via the State Department’s website

Therefore, it is not a good look that officials from President Donald Trump’s White House who were testifying on the matter before the House of Representatives on Wednesday were dragged abruptly from the hearing for some kind of mysterious “emergency meeting.”

This news comes via Twitter, courtesy of Voice of America reporter Steve Herman.

These were public health workers who are presumably experts on the matter, and this does not bode well for the public health situation, whether we are talking perception or the reality of this rapidly spreading virus.

Now, it could be that the Trump Administration is simply scrambling to control the messaging. After all, it has already been reported that Trump and his White House are doing all they can to control what the public hears about the coronavirus situation, and they have been worried about everything from the effect on Trump’s luxury hotel business, to the market’s responses to the outbreak, to the effect on Trump’s reelection chances.

This is the first real crisis that the Trump Administration has faced that has serious — even deadly — domestic impact. People have been saying that the Trump Administration is incompetent, and that Trump himself is unqualified to be President of the United States.

Now, the debts from that mistake of his being elected president are being collected, and people in America (and around the world) are paying for it — in some cases with their very lives.

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