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Trump Abruptly Cancels Visit to Church in Predominantly Black Neighborhood

Trump Abruptly Cancels Visit to Church in Predominantly Black Neighborhood

Donald Trump spent much of October and November holding campaign rallies in areas where he is very popular. Trump, however, tends to avoid any cities or states where he is considered unpopular.

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Baltimore, Maryland is one of those areas. During the 2016 presidential election, Trump garnered only 10.5% of the vote in Maryland to Hillary Clinton’s 84.7%. Still, the White House had scheduled a meeting to take place in Baltimore to discuss urban revitalization.

That meeting has now been moved to the White House, a much friendlier environment for the president. The White House claims the move was due to the recent departure of Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

Trump was set to meet Reverend Donte Hickman for a round-table discussion at Baltimore’s Southern Baptist Church. As Trump has yet to visit many major US cities, Hickman saw it as an opportunity to help his church and community.

The Reverend had asked his followers on Facebook to give the meeting a chance, ““Whatever vitriol we have for this presidential administration should be manifested in our determination to do what we can to restore our broken city.”

Hickman is now showing disappointment that Trump is choosing not to visit his church and city. He told the Baltimore Sun, “I think this was a major opportunity for the president and for Baltimore.”

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The USA Today did an analysis of Trump’s travel in March of this year. They found that almost all his trips are either to Rust-Belts states or to vacation homes. The security around his Bedminster, NJ and Mar-A-Lago homes allow the president to largely avoid protesters or dissenting citizens.

Trump did not visit California until 15 months into his term, the latest a president visited since FDR. He also avoids New York, despite the city being his home for nearly all his life.

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