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The True Meaning Of ‘Covfefe’ — Donald Trump And Midnight Tweeting

The True Meaning Of ‘Covfefe’ — Donald Trump And Midnight Tweeting

Donald Trump is covfefe
Donald Trump is covfefe
[Image by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia]
Donald Trump started his Wednesday morning tweet session with an unusual question: what is the true meaning of ‘covfefe?’ Only six hours before, the word had no meaning. Thanks to a midnight tweet, it’s now loaded with significance.

At a few minutes after midnight, Trump had tweeted one of his infamous errors — the type usually quickly deleted, replaced, and never spoken of again (by Trump, at least.) This time, though, the tweet was left up for some time, and when it was deleted, Trump acknowledged it, though in a context that appeared to pretend he had either tweeted it on purpose, or, at least, was claiming some sort of superiority for ‘confusing’ readers.

Shortly after midnight, Donald Trump used his personal Twitter account to tweet, “Despite the negative press covfefe,” cutting off immediately after inventing the new word.

Trump covfefe
[Image via Donald Trump/Twitter]
Instead of correcting the tweet immediately, Trump left it up. Maybe he had a few scoops of ice cream or fell asleep. Some followers on Twitter expressed concern that perhaps the President had suffered a health crisis.

In the morning, however, Trump did remove the tweet, replacing it with one that insinuated the error was a big puzzle to keep the American people on their toes.


People were already offering suggestions.

Urban Dictionary offered their take:

No one really knows yet, but the President of the United States of America used it so it must be a bigly important word. It must be YUGE somewhere as he knows all the best words.

Someone else guessed at how the term might translate into another language:


Many thought it sounded like a morning beverage.

Perhaps ‘covfefe’ was a bluff, someone pretending to have a good use for a not-so-hot Scrabble hand.

Or maybe a reminder of more relevant Presidential gaffes.


It could also be another demonstration of the difference between this President and the last POTUS.

Whatever it might mean, social media users assured that we could expect it to be defended in the most extreme ways.

However, in truth, it takes only context and the minimal skim of Trump’s tweets over the past couple of years to come to a conclusion about what ‘covfefe’ really means.





Along with ‘media’ and ‘fake news,’ ‘coverage’ is a word Trump loves to use to describe how people are talking about him In this context, it’s probably safe to asume that Donald Trump had a typo on his way to complain that the American free press exists and was telling the truth about him again.

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