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Trucker Convoy Plans To “Occupy DC” In Return Protest

Trucker Convoy Plans To “Occupy DC” In Return Protest

Remember the trucker convoy that trekked to D.C. to protest against COVID-19 safety protocols? Despite the fact that the Supreme Court struck down safety mandates, they’re headed back to protest some more. This time around, they say they hope to actually enter D.C. and ‘occupy’ the city, rather than merely inconveniencing and menacing commuters by circling the beltway.

[Photo by Aimee Dilger/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images]

Zachary Petrizzo tracks the convoy on behalf of the Daily Beast, and the latest news he has to share involves the planning of another trip to D.C., and more specifically, an occupation.

The new report shares that on a YouTube stream, truckers recently discussed the plan to enter D.C. and stay there, while women and children were left outside the city at a base camp. (It’s not clear where the trucker women stand on this sly misogyny.)

“We are not doing circles around D.C. again. Hopefully, when we go to D.C., we are in D.C.” the trucker who runs the stream is quoted as saying.

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ABC7 News quotes another, speaking at a recent rally, as complaining about how the convoy was mocked and run out of D.C. last time, and seeming to hint at an intent of more violence and fortitude this time around:

“When we left, you guys laughed at us. You made fun of us. Enough is enough. When we go back to D.C., we are not the same convoy that went there the first time. We are not the same convoy that left there. We are coming back with teeth and a backbone!”

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