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Trounced GOP Candidate Says Being Anti-Lying, Anti-Insurrection Is A Dealbreaker In His Party’s Elections Now

Trounced GOP Candidate Says Being Anti-Lying, Anti-Insurrection Is A Dealbreaker In His Party’s Elections Now

Since January, the Republican party has continued to show a divide on one major issue that perhaps no one ever dreamed would define their platform: whether or not Donald Trump is still the leader and face of the party. One candidate who didn’t make the cut in Texas believes that until the party changes their views on insurrection and lying, anyone who stands for truth and integrity doesn’t have a chance.

[Screenshot via Michael Wood/Facebook]

Michael Wood was one of nearly two dozen candidates in the runoff before Texas’ special election to fill the U.S. House seat for the state’s 6th District. As Ballotpedia documents the outcome of the race, he received 3.2% of the vote, placing him ahead of more than half the candidates running — but well behind the two victors, who will go on to a runoff.

Wood believes this isn’t just about the sheer volume of candidates, but that he suffered for the party’s support of Trump and Trumpism, of insurrectionists and the Big Lie.

“According to the Associated Press, Adam Kinzinger, the Illinois Republican Congressman who has stood against his party numerous times in speaking out against Trump’s behavior and lies, traveled to Texas to find an anti-Trump Republican he could endorse, and Wood was his answer. He had hoped to support the party in moving away from the former president.

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Meanwhile, according to the Texas Tribune, Susan Wright was the candidate who got Trump’s endorsement, holding a virtual town hall. Wright went on to be the top candidate going into the runoff.

Wood released a statement about his loss, saying it had always been a long shot, but that it’s not his personal defeat that concerns him:

“I am gravely concerned about the state of the Republican Party. Let me be clear: this is not because I lost an election. I am concerned because a Republican President of the United States lied to the American people, took advantage of his supporters’ noble patriotism, encouraged a mob to disrupt the lawful operations of the United States Congress, was derelict in his duty as commander-in-chief to put an end to this insurrection – and then the overwhelming majority of elected Republicans in Congress failed to show the courage this moment required. Republican members of Congress then voted to overturn an election and attempted to disenfranchise millions of Americans.”

His full statement is here.

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